Custom Vocals available at $10/8count!

Throwing SHADE: Mini-pack 2 (ft. Gess)

Throwing SHADE: Mini-pack 2 (ft. Gess)

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BACK AGAIN! These MINI packs are for those on a budget, or those who want to try us out before buying a full pack.

*** This pack contains all original vocals and does NOT include vocals from the other SHADE packs****


(90 - 8counts total)

Contains 5 raps @ 2/8counts each

Voiced 3 times each + 3 exclusive Eddit Pro FX each

All files are labeled by # of beats for easy drag & drop

All files are .wav


***Custom Vocals available in this style***

$15 per 8count - ($10 when you pay for 50-8counts upfront)