Custom Vocals available at $10/8count!

GESS vol. 29

GESS vol. 29

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By now you know what to expect from GESS!

High energy, intensity and creative lyrics. And this new pack delivers ALL of that plus more.

Check these out to upgrade your library for the new season!
****All instrumentals in this demo are from Cheer Beats Volume 1.***

(225 - 8counts total)

Contains 15 raps 

10 @ 2/8counts

5 @ 1/8count

Voiced 3 times each + 3 exclusive Eddit Pro FX each

All files are labeled by # of beats for easy drag & drop

All files are .wav


***Custom Vocals available in this style***

$15 per 8count - ($10 when you pay for 50-8counts upfront)