Custom Vocals available at $10/8count!

Custom Cheer Voiceovers

Eddit Productions is your officially your one-stop shop for all custom vocals!
Custom songs and raps now available in the style of Ariana Grande, Katy Perry and more. 

Streamline your process and save time by ordering all custom in one place!

Custom Voiceover Rates

Luna (Ariana Grande style)

Singing/Rapping: $15 per 8count

Singing/Rapping: $15 per 8count
Katie (Katy Perry style)
Singing: $15 per 8count
Eddie (traditional male style)
Rapping: $15 per 8count**
Singing: $15 per 8count
**Pre-paid packages of 50-8counts or more, drop the price to $10 per 8count.
-All voiceovers include writing and recording
-Pre-paid 8counts never expire and you just use them as you go
Email to get started right away!